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Gamma activity accelerates during prefrontal development
Bitzenhofer, S. H., Poepplau, J. A., & Hanganu-Opatz, I. L. (2020). BioRxiv.

Transient developmental increase of prefrontal activity alters network maturation and causes cognitive dysfunction in adult mice
Bitzenhofer, S. H., Poepplau, J. A., Chini, M., Marquardt, A., & Hanganu-Opatz, I. L. (2020).  bioRxiv, 558957.

Knock-down of hippocampal DISC1 in immune-challenged mice impairs the prefrontal-hippocampal coupling and the cognitive performance throughout development
Xu, X., Song, L. & Hanganu-Opatz, I.L. (2020). bioRxiv.

Bursting mitral cells time the oscillatory coupling between olfactory bulb and entorhinal networks in neonatal mice
Kostka, K.K., Gretenkord S. & Hanganu-Opatz, I.L. (2020). bioRxiv.